How to Use the LIFT

 Bus lift


  • If you have a STARS Gold Card, you may schedule LIFT trips up to 14 days in advance.


  1. Call STARS Lift Coordinators at 753-9526 to schedule your trips on the LIFT. Have the following information ready:

    • What day you wish to travel;
    • Where is your pick up location;
    • Where you wish to go;
    • What time is your appointment;
    • If you use a wheelchair or Amigo;
    • If any one will travel with you, such as a Personal Care Attendant or Campanion; and
    • Whether you need a return trip, and when.
  2. The Lift Coordinator will find the best available time(s) for your pick-up(s) and drop off(s). If the pick-up and drop-off times are not acceptable to you, it is your right to refuse the trip
  3. If your trip is for a medical or dental appointment, please let the doctor’s office know you are using STARS and ask for the approximate return time. Doctor’s offices will work with you to be sure you can use public transportation.
  4. If you need to cancel or reschedule a LIFT trip, please call 753-9526, 5:55 AM to 8:55 PM weekdays. Please call at least 30 minutes before your pick up time. You may also call 907-4000.