Passenger Conduct & Safety Rules

  1. Passengers are expected to present proper fare payment at time of boarding which includes cash, tokens and passes. Operators do not carry change.
  2. Passengers are not to enter the bus through the rear door unless authorized to do so by the Operator or other transit authority employees.
  3. Passengers must present themselves for rides in a condition that does not present a health or safety threat to other passengers or Operators.
  4. Wearing of shirts and shoes is required.
  5. Profane or vulgar language directed towards other passengers or Operators and loud distracting language and obscene signs or gestures will not be tolerated on STARS' vehicles or premises.
  6. Passengers are not to panhandle, solicit, harass, annoy or intimidate other passengers or Operators while on STARS' vehicles.
  7. No weapons of any kind or possession of hazardous materials or items can be brought onto STARS' vehicles or premises.
  8. Passengers may not carry open containers of food or beverage onto STARS' vehicles.
  9. Passengers may not possess or consume alcohol or illegal substances of any kind on STARS' vehicles or premises.
  10. Passengers are not to throw any object of any kind within STARS' vehicles or out any door or window.
  11. Smoking in STARS' vehicles is prohibited.
  12. Spitting, urinating or defecating in STARS' vehicles is prohibited.
  13. Urinating or defecating on STARS' premises is prohibited.
  14. Use of sound-producing devices without headphones is prohibited.
  15. Assistance animals for the blind, deaf, etc., may accompany their owner on all STARS' vehicles. All other animals must be caged.
  16. Children in strollers must be removed from the stroller and placed in a seat or on a parent's lap. Strollers must be folded and stored out of the aisle of vehicle.
  17. All passengers should remain seated until vehicle comes to a complete stop.
  18. Loitering by passengers is prohibited. Passengers will be asked to exit the bus after completing the duration of one round trip.
  19. After exiting the bus, passengers should wait for the bus to pass before crossing the street. Do not cross in front of the bus.
  20. Passengers who intentionally damage STARS' vehicles or property will be subject to prosecution.

NOTE: At any time, the transportation supervisor or any transit authority management employee may refuse to transport or order off the vehicle any person violating or has violated the “Passenger Rules and Code of Conduct.” No person shall refuse to depart from a STARS' vehicle when ordered to do so by the transportation supervisor or any transit authority management employee.

PENALTY: The penalty for violating the passenger rules and code of conduct will include suspension or forfeiture of riding privileges on STARS' vehicles. Individuals with suspended riding privileges have the right to appeal the decision to the Transit Advisory Committee.