Hours for LIFT are Monday-Friday are 5am to 9pm, Saturdays 8AM-6PM. LIFT serves ONLY senior (60 & over) and disabled riders. 

How do I schedule a ride?
Call 989-753-9526 Monday through Friday between 9AM and 3PM.

When should I call?

  • Disabled riders with Gold card status are allowed to schedule up to 14 days in advance. Next day scheduling is also available. Reservations may be scheduled for more than one day at a time.
  • For seniors over 60, rides should be scheduled 2 days in advance. 

STARS Lift is a complementary paratransit service offered by the Saginaw Transit Authority Regional Services in accordance with the 1990 Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). STARS Lift provides transportation for persons with disabilities, who cannot board, ride or disembark from a STARS fixed-route bus, even if that bus is equipped with a wheelchair lift or ramp. 

STARS Lift provides origin-to-destination service. All customers may request assistance at the time of scheduling their trip or on the day of service by calling STARS Lift Coordinator at 989-753-9526 or by asking the driver at the time of pick-up or drop-off. Assistance beyond the curb will be provided at both the pick-up and drop-off as requested or as required due to unforeseen circumstances. For safety reasons, we encourage drivers to be mindful of not losing sight of their vehicle while providing customer assistance. For more information please see the attached brochure.

Paratransit is designed to be “comparable to” STARS’ fixed route bus service. For this reason, ADA paratransit service (STARS Lift) is only required to transport riders to and from locations which are within three-quarters (3/4) of a mile of and during the same days and hours of STARS’ existing fixed route bus services. Points of origin and destination not within this three-quarters (3/4) of a mile corridor are not required to be provided with ADA paratransit service.

To request a gold card application, you may click the link here, call customer service at 989-907-4000 or pick the form at the Customer Service window located at 615 Johnson Street. If you prefer one by mail, simply indicate this when calling.