As of March 1st, bus routes have restarted with some changes.
STARS is expanding the Saginaw Bus System from 9 to 10 routes. Changes will include access to the Kroger in Bridgeport and more dedicated East-Side routes. STARS is also starting up peak-service routes on March 1 to coincide with the planned school reopening, which transport many schoolchildren in the City. Hours are 6AM to 9PM Monday-Friday.

Monday-Friday, LIFT will also serve ONLY senior and disabled riders. On Saturdays, LIFT will be open to the public on a first come first serve basis.

How do I schedule a ride?

Call 989-753-9526 Monday through Friday between 9AM and 3PM.

When should I call?

  • If you are scheduling a trip for any reason for the weekend, call anytime Monday through Friday, 9am to 3pm.
  • Silver Card Riders (Senior Citizens) can schedule up to 2 business days in advance
  • Gold Card Riders (Disabled) can schedule up to 2 weeks in advance

STARS is limiting services out of concern for employee and public health due to the recent Covid-19 spike in the Saginaw Area. Due to high demand and limited resources, STARS LIFT Services will screen trips to limit abuse. Rides are currently free of charge.