STARS will be making the following changes in the interest of public health. Most recent changes in bold. These measures will remain in place until further notice:

  • STARS Pigeon Express has been suspended for the week starting the evening of March 30, 2020 through Saturday, April 5th, 2020. 
  • Effective Tuesday, March 24, 2020, STARS is suspending all fixed-route Bus Services through April 13, 2020.
  • STARS asks that riders ONLY use services for essential travel such as healthcare and work.
  • Fare collection has been suspended on all fixed routes, LIFT and EXPRESS services.
  • Starting Saturday, April 4th, STARS will be suspending remaining Saturday LIFT and EXPRESS dial-a-ride services until further notice. STARS Dial-a-Ride services still are available for necessary trips only on Monday-Friday from 5:55am to 8:55pm. STARS Rides to Wellness services remain unchanged.
  • STARS Saturday dialysis riders can continue to schedule trips as normal. Those riders will be accommodated through the STARS Rides to Wellness program.
  • STARS Dial-a-ride services will continue to function for strictly necessary trips for the general public, including: Medically necessary trips (like dialysis), necessary job transportation for health care workers and other needed services, needed grocery and pharmacy trips, and other needs
  • STARS EXPRESS, LIFT, and Rides to Wellness Services will not “mix” trips and keep each trip limited to one rider, with the exception of those individuals needing a personal care attendant. Vehicles will be sanitized between each trip.
  • Administrative offices are closed and any non-essential personnel are working from home.
  • STARS will continue to not “mix” dial-a-ride trips and offer only one ride at a time on each vehicle, minimizing risk of contaminating riders. STARS will also continue to disinfect vehicles between each ride.
  • STARS also asks that the public not hoard goods and supplies. Many government services including STARS are struggling to find basic supplies. Please be responsible and get only what you need

We must ensure the safety of our riders, as well as our drivers, mechanics, and other staff. Public Transit is an essential service to the public, and with your cooperation, we can keep those services running.

STARS has closed bus routes but is still open to the public through dial-a-ride services – but only for Necessary Trips.

What’s a Necessary Trip?:
-Going home
-Going to work (nonessential workplaces are closed under the Governor’s order)
-Going to the grocery store or getting take-out food
-Going to a pharmacy to get a prescription
-Going to the hospital or a doctor for your own treatment/health or for a loved one’s health.

Necessary Trips do NOT include (examples):
-Visiting family or friends
-Visiting people at the hospital
-Going to any public gathering

Please do not attempt to schedule trips that are unnecessary under the Governor’s order. We thank you for your understanding during this tough time.