Saginaw Transit Authority Regional Services (STARS) and the Michigan Transportation Connection (MTC) have partnered to offer free personal vaccine trips for anyone in Saginaw County. Call 1-844-532-7433 and then press 2 to schedule your free vaccine trip. Rides can be scheduled from 8AM and 5PM and should be scheduled in advance.

Effective Tuesday, April 13th, STARS week-day Mainline Bus and Lift services will end at 7PM. This includes bus routes and LIFT service for seniors and disabled riders. LIFT service will end on Saturdays at 4PM. Pigeon Express service will remain unchanged.

These service changes are necessary due to decreased staffing levels related to COVID quarantine and spread. They are in effect until further notice.

STARS reminds Saginaw residents that bus route and LIFT services are available to help transport Saginaw residents to all major vaccine distribution sites. All STARS bus services remain fare-free.

As of March 1st, bus routes have restarted with some changes. STARS is expanding the Saginaw Bus System from 9 to 10 routes. Changes will include access to the Kroger in Bridgeport and more dedicated East-Side routes. STARS is also starting up peak-service routes on March 1 to coincide with the planned school reopening, which transport many schoolchildren in the City.

Monday-Friday, LIFT will also serve ONLY senior and disabled riders. On Saturdays, LIFT will be open to the public on a first come first serve basis.

All the safety precautions and policies implemented during the past year are still in place:

  • Riders are required to wear a mask appropriately and use hand sanitizer upon entry to each vehicle. Masks and hand sanitizer are provided.
  • Staff is required to wear a mask properly while in STARS vehicles or facilities
  • Enhanced cleaning procedures are in place for vehicles and inside the STARS facility. For LIFT rides, high touch surfaces are cleaned after every ride
  • Each staff member is provided a PPE pack, which includes masks, gloves, sanitizer and wipes
  • Each large bus is equipped with a UV light sanitizing system in the ventilation system completely cycling through the air on the bus every 5 minutes
  • Barriers have been installed in every vehicle, separating the driver from the passenger compartment and also between riders
  • Rides are free of charge to avoid exchanging money. A touch-free payment method is in development.