Saginaw Transit Authority Regional Services (STARS) plans to bring back most fixed route services on Monday, August 31st. Weekday Peak Service Routes will also begin, which service many children’s access to local schools. Starting then, STARS EXPRESS Dial-A-Ride Services will be available only to ADA and Senior Riders, and no longer available to the General Public. For more information, click here. 


We must ensure the safety of our riders, as well as our drivers, mechanics, and other staff. Public Transit is an essential service to the public, and with your cooperation, we can keep those services running.

What are passengers required to do?

  • Don’t ride if you are showing symptoms, have tested positive, or are under quarantine.
  • All Riders must wear a face covering. Masks are provided if you don’t have one.
  • All Riders must use hand sanitizer when entering the vehicle.
  • STARS Dial-a-ride services will continue to function but riders can only use them for necessary travel.

What’s a necessary trip?

-Going home
-Going to work (nonessential workplaces are closed under the Governor’s order)
-Going to the grocery store or getting take-out food
-Going to a pharmacy to get a prescription
-Going to the hospital or a doctor for your own treatment/health or for a loved one’s health.

Service Changes:

  • STARS has suspended all fixed-route Bus Services
  • STARS Rides to Wellness services remain unchanged.
  • Pigeon Express is running as scheduled. See rules below or on the Pigeon Express page. 
  • STARS Dial-a-Ride services are available for necessary trips only on Monday-Friday from 5:55am to 8:55pm. Saturday hours have been cut for LIFT and EXPRESS. STARS Saturday dialysis riders can continue to schedule trips as normal. Those riders will be accommodated through the STARS Rides to Wellness program.
  • No fares are being collected for LIFT and EXPRESS services.

What is STARS doing?

  • Staff has their temperature checked as they arrive to work and are asked if they are displaying any of the coronavirus symptoms. If they have a fever or are displaying symptoms, they are sent home and directed to contact their doctor.
  • Drivers are required to wear gloves and a mask on STARS grounds and/or on the job.
  • Cutaway buses are equipped with clear shower curtains to separate the driver from the passenger area.
  • We will continue to service only one trip at a time for Seniors, ADA, and medical trips. We will not “mix” trips and keep each trip limited to one rider, with the exception of those individuals needing a personal care attendant.
  • We will allow multiple General Public passengers for other essential purposes (jobs, grocery, etc) ONLY if 6-foot distances can be accommodated. The larger lift cabs can fit 2-3 people safely. Drivers must be informed of social distancing requirements ahead of time.
  • Vehicles will be sanitized between each trip.
  • The entire STARS facility and each vehicle will be sanitized by an outside vendor every weekend.
  • Administrative offices are closed and any non-essential personnel are working from home.
  • STARS employees and managers have been separated into two teams, the Blue Team and the Red Team. The Blue Team staffs one week and the Red Team staffs the next, allowing them to have no contact with each other. If one of our staff members were to test positive or be exposed, STARS would quarantine their entire team according to Health Department recommendations, leaving the other team to still allow services to continue. Both teams will be paid their full salary during this crisis.
  • Plans to locate the Rides to Wellness team off-site have been accelerated, allow another layer of separation.
  • All Board meetings will be held online and will still be available to the public.