Starting May 1st, STARS EXPRESS dial-a-ride service hours will change to 5AM to Midnight Mondays through Saturdays.  Due to requests from Saginaw City residents, STARS is moving drivers from 12am-5am time slots to busier hours in the daytime.

‘We have a high demand for services during the daytime and a pretty low demand at night. Shifting some of those nighttime resources to the daytime will serve our riders better,’ says Executive Director Glenn Steffens. STARS will be reaching out to regular night-time riders to assist them through the change. STARS EXPRESS currently averages about 150 rides per day and demand for the service keeps going up.

STARS EXPRESS is a public service that anyone can use for rides to work, groceries, doctor visits, and other needs. The fare is $5.25 each way. Riders are asked to schedule rides a day in advance by calling (989) 907-4040 or (989) 753-9526. Express is a first-come first-serve service.