FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: February 17, 2021                                                              

STARS (Saginaw Transit Authority Regional Services) today announced plans to restart Saginaw bus routes on Monday, March 1. With Saginaw’s Covid-19 numbers dropping back to pre-holiday spike levels, STARS Director Glenn Steffens says that “Saginaw has regained some footing after a terrible covid spike. When we see high covid numbers in the city, we see high numbers at STARS. It takes many healthy workers to keep those buses on the street. The spike was not forgiving.”

STARS is expanding the Saginaw Bus System from 9 to 10 routes. Changes will include access to the Kroger in Bridgeport and more dedicated East-Side routes. STARS will have new route plans posted at the end of this week on facebook and STARS is also starting up peak-service routes on March 1 to coincide with the planned school reopening, which transport many schoolchildren in the City.

Strict safety precautions continue on bus services. All passengers 3 or older are required to use hand sanitizer upon entry and wear masks while on or waiting for the bus, no exceptions. Passengers who refuse may not board or must exit the bus. “STARS started out with a mask requirement. Then, the State then ordered it, and now the Feds have, too. That’s three levels of government telling you – wear the damn mask, be respectful, and keep safe.”

STARS is taking even more safety precautions with this relaunch, outfitting all buses with UV light disinfecting air filters for passenger and driver safety. Buses are equipped with safety barriers for passengers and drivers. Hand sanitizer and masks are available to passengers. Passenger capacity on buses remains limited at this time to maintain social distancing.