Effective at noon today, Tuesday, March 17th, STARS is suspending fare collection on all fixed routes, LIFT and EXPRESS services. This is aimed at preventing further spread of the virus.

STARS insists that residents ride the bus system only when necessary.

“I know that this might tempt people to ride more. That is not the goal. I cannot stress how important it is that people self-isolate to avoid this virus,” says Glenn Steffens, Executive Director.

STARS continues to ask all riders to use hand sanitizer placed on every vehicle upon entry. Passengers are to sit apart from other passengers and should avoid sitting next to each other unless travelling together. STARS has supplied bus drivers with respirator masks for their safety. STARS continues to work on getting supplies to incorporate further measures.

“Only through cooperation and vigilance of both STARS and our riders can we ensure that STARS continues to offer services throughout this crisis,” says Steffens.